Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Native animals

Some native NZ animals I've drawn lately for a childrens game

Snail from Munro Te Whata on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Concepts for cross culture collab

 Haida culture concepts

 Boy concepts




Monday, November 2, 2015

Maori work

More images of Maori Myths I've been work on lately.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Concepts for new work

Some concepts for a new project i have on the go...

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Samoan mythology

Some of the inks for this new book Im working on. I have to do 30 and they will be coloured eventually. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Work in progress

 Something I'm working on at the moment for a book from Daren Kamali about this underwater one night stand between this giant stingray chick and a giant squid dude. Gonna be mean!!